Reduce, Reuse, RESELL!

Are you tired of having to dig through your cluttered wardrobe to find the couple of items you wear on a daily basis? Do you wish there was a way to part with some of your amazing items that don't get worn often enough for the price you actually want for them? Then this is the perfect opportunity to declutter and maybe get a few things you LOVE in the process.

























How does it work?

- First you need to gather all the items you don't need anymore or are willing to part with for the right price. 

We Accept: Clothing of all sizes, Shoes, Jewelry, Bags, Clothing Accessories (i.e belts, scarves, hats, wraps, shawls, etc), Art, Furniture, Books, Housewares, Electronics, Makeup (in excellent condition), linens, and more! 

-Second you need to go to and create an account. You will be able to use this platform to enter your items and generate tags for them and an inventory list for yourself. You choose the price and add in the additional information like size and description, you can also choose to allow your items to go half price during our second weekend. You also have the option to donate your items when the sale is over instead of coming back to pick up.

-Third: You print the tags and attach them using safety pins or a tagging gun if you have access to one. 

-The LAST step is to drop your items off during our drop off days.

For a complete calendar of our dates click HERE.

A couple more things....

1. You make 55% of what you sell your items for and an additional 10% for every shift you volunteer. (A volunteer shift is 4 hours and can be anytime during the course of the sale.) PLUS- if you refer a friend you get to shop early!!


2. SPREAD THE WORD! This is the first time this is happening and we want to make it the best it can be! 


If you have any additional questions of concerns, you can email Dawn @